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Resolving my Need to Nomad

With a diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma at age 35, the potential for a shortened life span caught my attention - cursed cancer! My youngest daughter was five years old at the time. Twenty years later I am still here. However, my perspective on life shifted the day of this dreadful diagnosis.


Three words brought new meaning to my life: Gratitude, Hope and Resilience. At the intersection of these I found new ENERGY that bolstered me during tough times, and catapulted me into the life I love living today.


I learned that time is not something I can control - it is what it is. What I CAN manage is the energy I bring to each challenge.  Over time on my journey through Corporate America I observed that there is a wealth of energy, sometimes untapped, that resides in each of us. Gratitude, hope and resilience are the keys I used to unlock my own hidden energy.

  • As an employee, I applied these three words to motivate myself as an individual contributor.

  • As a leader, I applied these three words to inspire those in my organizations and communities.

  • As a consultant, I applied these three words to help clients overcome their own inertia.  

Originally set up as my Independent Consulting website, this is now an example of where Gratitude, Hope and Resilience has taken me, as expressed through writing, art and ideas. I have been stuck! I have been challenged!  It is through exploration and trying new things that I get unstuck, grow and learn. I have nothing to sell, only ideas to share.  Click on the link below to download a free workbook which I created with my very talented colleague, Michael Galeucia. 


is the wrong lament ...


... this is actionable!

No magic can change the number of hours we experience in a day. Time is unalterable and just marches on.

There are ways to manage and enhance the energy in our life that allow us to overcome our own inertia.

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