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The "Art Nomad" 


I tap into an incredible source of energy when I focus my attention on something creative that I love to do.  I know I’m happiest when I create, whether it’s redesigning an organizational structure, creating a new piece of jewelry, rearranging a room, or making sense from total chaos.  Creativity kicks off an energy cycle that generates new ideas and stimulates more creativity. 

It took me a long time to find my passion in beadwork. First I had to travel through cross-stitching, quilting, pen & pencil drawings, painting, pastel sketches, writing, and other artistic endeavors before I stumbled into my real talent.  In essence, I am an Art Nomad, and I love the journey. 


Since I found beads as my artistic outlet, the journey continues with deeper explorations on the history of beading, different uses for beads, and my own creations and designs. The possibilities are endless. The energy I derive is exponential. Check out my Thankful Generations website to see my unique beading project focused on WWII Beaded Tapestries:

Where does this energy come from? How can we live our lives so that we draw from this energy source everyday and make the world better for ourselves and those around us?  It takes very little effort to destroy, but significant thought and energy to create.  My advice: GO FORTH AND CREATE!  Tap into your own hidden source of energy … you'll be glad you did!

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WWII Beaded Tapestries

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Necklaces and Bracelets

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Drawings and Whimsy

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