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WANDERLUST:  The euphemism “itchy feet” describes this sensation perfectly, demanding immediate attention and an urgent remedy. This wanderlust, our "need to nomad", exists in us all.


Accepting this urge and leveraging the energy it creates is essential to my life. Using my "need to nomad" has led to great discoveries. I encourage you to explore ideas that are intriguing. Seek out activities that energize and excite you. Share that excitement with those you love. How?

RECLAIM YOUR CURIOSITY: As children we possess an inherent curiosity for the world around us, a way of approaching life which we somehow lose on our path to adulthood. 

RECLAIM YOUR ENERGY: People and situations can steal our energy if we allow them - leaving us feeling depleted - be intentional in how you spend your time, and with whom.

RECLAIM YOUR ABILITY TO TAKE ACTION: Translating great ideas into “ideas with impact” is my mission. Follow your interests, pursue what gives you energy, and make things happen! Easy to say, not as easy to do, but if you don't take action on your own behalf, no one else will.

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